Lowell T Wilson, Herbert A Plassmann: Portable basketball set. The Ohio Art Company, Hugh Adam Kirk, March 20, 1979: US04145044 (91 worldwide citation)

A preschool knock-down portable indoor basketball set comprising a sponge-rubber ball and a weighted vertically adjustable stand for a basket with a removable bounce-board.The weighted base of the stand has an annular socket for one end of a pair of telescopic tubes, adjustable in length by a pin th ...

James B Ankenbruck, Jose V Antolin, Horst D Herbstler, Bruce D Lund, Anne K Vahcic, Lowell T Wilson: Color drawing toy. The Ohio Art Company, Hugh Adam Kirk, August 2, 1994: US05333387 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosure concerns a portable drawing toy comprising an openable rectangular box having manual rotatable knobs in the two lower opposite corners, which knobs move by strings and pulleys a horizontal and a vertical bar orthogonally with respect to each other. At the intersection of these bars is a s ...

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