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An antifungal compound represented by formula ÄIÜ: wherein X is independently both F or both Cl or one X is F and the other is Cl; Y= R' = (C-C) alkyl; (C-C)alkenyl; (C-C)alkynyl; (C-C3/4 )cycloalky or CHR; R = (C-C)perhaloalkyl; COR *CH(OR4)CHOR4 or CHN(R5) R = lower alkyl or H R4 = R or (CH)OR R5 ...

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A compound represented by the formula I F or both Cl or one X is independently F and the other is independently Cl; R1 is a straight or branched chain (C3 to C8) alkyl group substituted by one or two hydroxy moieties, an ether or ester thereof (e.g., a polyether ester amino acid ester or phosphate e ...



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The present invention is directed to certain diaryl amide compounds as NS3-Serine protease inhibitors of hepatitis C virus. A particularly preferred compound is of the formula (I).



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5'-Amino acid esters of ribavirin represented by formula I:wherein R is CH3CH(NH2)-CO-, CH3CH2(CH3)CHCH(NH2)-CO-orH2N(CH2)4CH(NH2)-CO-; preferably R isor a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, e.g., trifluoroacetate, tosylate, mesylate, and chloride, pharmaceutical compositions containing them ...

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The present invention discloses novel peptide compounds which have HCV protease inhibitory activity as well as methods for preparing such compounds. In another embodiment, the invention discloses pharmaceutical compositions comprising such compounds as well as methods of using them to treat disorder ...