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A system for transmitting information between an emitting center and receiving stations, comprising: a subscription administration center generating a plurality of subscriber's keys C.sub.i changing randomly at relatively long intervals of the order of a month; in the emitting center: a generator of ...

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A text video-transmission system comprising an information emitting center and receiving stations, the emitting center comprising encryption means using an operating key, each receiving station comprising decryption means using the operating key, wherein in this system, the encryption means of the e ...

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A television system with access control comprises a transmitter and receis. The transmitter comprises a video signal and sound signal formation circuit, means for transmitting these signals and a jamming circuit using a service key. Each receiver comprises means for receiving the transmitted signals ...

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A method and system for authentication of accreditations and of messages with zero-knowledge proof and for the signing of messages, and a station for use in such system, in particular executed as a smart card station.


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A pseudo-random binary sequence generator comprises at least one shift register (S, T) arranged in a recirculating loop and having a plurality of logic gates (G) for logically combining the outputs of selected stages of the register to provide a pseudo-random sequence, and a multiplexer (M), having ...

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The generator comprises three subassemblies, each comprising an adder and registers, said three subassemblies making it possible to provide three recursive sequences. Each sequence is dependent on variables constituted by initialization bytes. One state of the generator is defined by a particular co ...