John J Toole, John Latham, Louis C Bock, Linda C Griffin: Method for identifying an oligonucleotide aptamer specific for a target. Gilead Sciences, Daryl D Muenchau, December 10, 1996: US05582981 (133 worldwide citation)

A method for identifying oligomer sequences which specifically bind target biomolecules is described. The technique involves complexation of the support-bound target molecule with a mixture of oligonucleotides containing random sequences and sequences which serve as primer for PCR under conditions w ...

John J Toole, Linda C Griffin, Louis C Bock, John A Latham: Aptamer analogs specific for biomolecules. Gilead Sciences, Mark L Bosse, November 24, 1998: US05840867 (83 worldwide citation)

Oligonucleotide sequences that mediate specific binding to selected target molecules and contain modified base, sugars, or sugar linkages are disclosed. Single-stranded DNA oligomers are obtained that bind to a series of biomolecules that differ in both size and composition. The range of target mole ...

Alexander K Miller, Shane McWhorter, Louis C Bock: Tool for pulling impeller wear ring. Bell Nunnally & Martin, November 8, 2016: US09486902

Described herein is a tool for removing a wear ring, the tool comprising: a base; a leg base; a spreader disc comprising: a top, bottom, and sloped edge; a plurality of legs comprising: a first end coupled to the leg base, and a saw tooth shaped end; a plurality of spreader bolts, passing though the ...

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