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Aqueous ink compositions containing anti-curl agents substantially reduce or eliminate paper curl in plain-paper printed elements without adversely effecting storage stability, decap properties or print quality, and thus eliminate the need for expensive and bulky mechanical curl-arresting devices or ...

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An ink composition for printing on plain paper and other media using a thermal ink-jet printer is provided. The ink composition comprises at least one member selected from the group consisting of ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol, present in an amount ranging from about 5 to 10 wt %; dye, rangin ...

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Halo effect seen at the interface between a first ink, exhibiting sharp edge acuity, and a second ink, having low surface energy, is addressed by adding certain fluorocarbon compounds to the first ink. Edge acuity of the first ink is maintained.

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A set of thermal ink-jet inks and method for formulating the same are provided in which the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks contain a combination of surfactants and inorganic salts designed to reduce both color to color bleed as well as black to color bleed. In general, the present cyan, magenta, and ...

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An ink-jet ink composition is provided which includes at least one primary surfactant and at least one co-surfactant, with the co-surfactant having an HLB at least about 1.5 units higher than that of the primary surfactant. The co-surfactant imparts good wetting and cloud point characteristics to th ...

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The present invention concerns a fuel supply for a fuel cell. The fuel supply includes a fuel storage area configured to hold a fuel solution, a fuel solution outlet configured to pass the fuel solution from the fuel storage area, a waste storage area, a waste inlet configured to pass waste into the ...

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A process for alleviating bleed and improving color in printed elements comprises applying an anionic printing liquid and a cationic printing liquid to a substrate adjacent to one another, wherein at least one of the printing liquids contains a polymer and reacting the anionic and cationic printing ...

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A set of dyes is provided for use in vehicles employing high molecular weight saccharides. The dye-set comprises about 1 to 4% xanthene magenta, about 0.9 to 2% of a mixture of Acid Yellow 23 and Direct Yellow 86, and about 0.75 to 2.5 of Acid Blue 9 or a mixture of Acid Blue 9 and a copper phthaloc ...

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A process for increasing the solubility of carbon black in desired solvents is provided. The process comprises (a) forming a suspension of the carbon black in a non-reactive medium, such as an aromatic hydrocarbon, (b) adding a silylating agent, such as an organosilane, (c) removing the reaction pro ...

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A process is provided for reducing the crusting propensity of dyes, complexed with sodium or other cations, used in ink-jet print heads and for improving other properties of such dyes. The process comprises replacing at least a portion of the cations on such dyes with preselected cations, such as th ...