Navneet Dalal, Salih Burak Gokturk, Lorant Toth, Tianli Yu: System and method for rendering photorealistic images of clothing and apparel. Google, Mahamedi Paradice Kreisman, Van Mahamedi, March 18, 2014: US08674989 (8 worldwide citation)

Embodiments described herein enable a user to select a set of clothing or apparel. The selected set of clothing or apparel is rendered to appear as being worn, by rendering one or more regions of the selected set to appear pinched or shaded.

Navneet Dalal, Salih Burak Gokturk, Lorant Toth, Munjal Shah: Photorealistic recommendation of clothing and apparel based on detected web browser input and content tag analysis. Google, Fish & Richardson P C, May 2, 2017: US09639880 (1 worldwide citation)

A system and method for recommending clothing or apparel to a user. Activity of a user is detected in order to identify a set of items that are of interest to the user. One or more recommendation parameters may be determined for the used based at least in part on the individual items of clothing/app ...