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A polymer composition usable for the production of articles of biodegradable plastics material includes an ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer and destructured starch. Preferably, the composition is obtainable by mixing the ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer, in a heated extruder, with a starch component ...

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Biodegradable thermoplastic compositions comprising a starch component, a cellulose ester or ether, a plasticizer for the starchy phase and of the cellulose and derivatives, and a compatibilizer agent selected from polymers compatible with the cellulose and or starchy component, grafted with aliphat ...

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The biodegradable polymeric compositions comprise a starch based component and a polymeric component comprising polymers of hydroxyacids or mixtures thereof with polymers deriving from ethylenically unsaturated monomers, particularly polymers of ethylene-vinylalcohol or polyvinylalcohol.

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In order to prepare a starch-based composition usable for the production of articles of biodegradable plastics material, a starch is mixed in a heated extruder with a high-boiling plasticizer and a destructuring agent for a time sufficient to cause the starch to be destructured, in dependence on the ...

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Heterophasic compositions comprising starch and a thermoplastic polymer that is incompatible with the starch, in which the starch constitutes the discontinuous phase and the thermoplastic polymer the continuous matrix, having an impact strength greater than 30 KJ/m2 (measured on blown film of 30 mic ...

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Materials in the form of foam sheet comprising destructured or complexed starch expanded as a continuous phase, having a density lying between 20 and 150 kg/m, cell dimensions in the range lying between 25 and 700 mu m and with a cell distribution such that 80% of them have a dimension lying between ...

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A polymeric composition comprises a matrix including a starch component and at least one synthetic thermoplastics polymeric component in which a filler is dispersed, characterised in that the matrix includes a fluidising agent selected from the group consisting of C12-C22 fatty acids, C12-C22 fatty ...

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Biodegradable composition comprising destructured starch, a thermoplastic polymer and a high-boiling plasticiser in an amount from 0.05 to 100% of the weight of the starch, where in the starch is obtained by destructuring starch as it is without the addition of water.