Lloyd A Marks: Aperture occlusion device. Temple University, Ratner & Prestia, April 28, 1992: US05108420 (779 worldwide citation)

A device consisting of a wire for occluding an aperture within a body surface, such as atrial and ventricular septal defects (and the method of using such a device). The wire comprises two configurations, an elongated configuration for passage into said body through a catheter and through the apertu ...

Lloyd A Marks: Safety needle and method of using same. Wigman Cohen Leitner & Myers, October 26, 1993: US05256152 (95 worldwide citation)

A safety hypodermic needle and a method of using the same are disclosed. The safety needle comprises a hypodermic needle and a protective sheath molded of an flexible polymeric material. The protective sheath comprises a needle cup which encloses the sharp needle point and is supported on a pluralit ...

Lloyd A Marks: Adjustable blood pressure cuff and method of using same. Wigman Cohen Leitner & Myers P C, May 5, 1998: US05746213 (61 worldwide citation)

An adjustable and disposable blood pressure cuff comprises a bladder provided with adhesive layers on both sides thereof which are covered by peelable strips. According to the method of using the cuff, selected strips or portions thereof on one side of the cuff are peeled away and removed. The cuff ...

Lloyd A Marks: Footwear fastening system and method of using the same. Wigman Cohen Leitner & Myers P C, September 24, 1996: US05557864 (57 worldwide citation)

A footwear fastening system and a method of converting lace fastened footwear to hook-and-loop fastened footwear comprising hook-and-loop fastener strips which are secured to the footwear by means of a lace which passes through adjacent eyelets along each upper side of the footwear. The fastener str ...

Lloyd A Marks: Computer assisted admittance plethysmograph. Wigman & Cohen, October 22, 1985: US04548211 (30 worldwide citation)

An improved method and apparatus for measuring the pulsatile volume and net inflow in a body segment (e.g. a limb) is disclosed. An amplitude stabilized oscillator of high quality is utilized, together with normalization of the output signal measured at the body segment relative to the input signal ...

Lloyd A Marks: Pivotable joint and joint locking mechanism for a foldable frame. Wigman & Cohen, December 3, 1991: US05069238 (24 worldwide citation)

A pivotable joint and a joint locking mechanism for a foldable frame apparatus are disclosed. The joint comprises mating male and female joint members mounted to the ends of tubular frame members and pivotably connected together to form oppositely articulatable joints of a foldable frame useful for ...

Lloyd A Marks: Precision radiography scaling device. Temple University, Ratner & Prestia, September 22, 1992: US05149965 (22 worldwide citation)

At least one radiopaque sphere of known dimensions with means for positioning same in a radiographic image field and a method for scaling radiographic images including straight AP and lateral views using such a radiopaque sphere.

Lloyd A Marks: Multilumen angiography catheter. Temple University, Ratner & Prestia, June 16, 1992: US05122115 (21 worldwide citation)

A multiple lumen catheter specifically adapted for selective visualization of one or the other of the coronary arteries. One lumen of the multiple lumen catheter is adapted to deliver contrast agent to the coronary artery to be visualized while a second, and optionally a third, lumen is adapted to l ...

Lloyd A Marks: Multi-function fluid communication control system. Lloyd A Marks, Hoffmann & Baron, April 11, 1989: US04819653 (19 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a multi-function fluid communication control system for effecting selective automated control to provide selected fluid communication between fluid reservoirs, instruments, and various pressure conditions which can be used in, for example, a catheterization procedure. The sy ...

Lloyd A Marks: Stereoscopic fluoroscopy apparatus and method of producing stereoscopic X-ray images. Wigman Cohen Leitner & Myers, August 3, 1993: US05233639 (18 worldwide citation)

A stereoscopic fluoroscopy apparatus comprising an X-ray source means, a specimen to be X-rayed, an image intensifier unit means to produce images of the X-rayed specimen, recording means to record and output said images as image pairs, offset means to create an output of different images forming ea ...