Dina Kravets, Liviu Chiriac, Jeffrey Esakov, Suz Hsi Wan: Search data processor. Sarnoff Corporation, William J Burke, March 26, 2002: US06363377 (353 worldwide citation)

A tool to be used with a search engine for a information management system includes methods for refining, filtering, and organizing search queries and search results. A query tuner in the tool allows a user to automatically reformulate a query in order to find a reasonable number of matching documen ...

Jeffrey Esakov, Suz Hsi Wan, Ansley Jessup, David Michael Hunter, Liviu Chiriac: Tracking and graphical display of user activity on an information network. Moser Patterson & Sheridan Sarnoff Corporation, January 31, 2002: US20020013834-A1

Relationships among a plurality of web pages are indicated to a plurality of users. Icons are displayed, each of which corresponds to one of the web pages. Data associated with each of the pages is maintained for each of the users. This data may exist in the web page or be entered as a notation by e ...

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