LIU Zhongyi: 一种适合于气送敷设的光缆结构及其制造方法, Structure de câble optique pour installation à soufflage dair et son procédé de fabrication, Optical cable structure for air blown installation and manufacture method thereof. Sichuan Huiyuan Optical Communications, LIU Zhongyi, Chengdu Jinying Patent Office, December 8, 2011: WO/2011/150787 (3 worldwide citation)

An optical cable structure adapted for air blown installation and a manufacture method thereof are disclosed in the present invention, the optical cable structure comprises: at least one optical fiber unit (3) and a jacket (1) wrapping the optical fiber unit (3), there is at least one optical fiber ...

Liu Zhongyi: 饮料瓶 (ZH), Beverage bottle (EN). Liu Zhongyi, Lian & Lien Ip Attorneys, November 26, 2009: WO/2009/140855 (2 worldwide citation)

A beverage bottle is composed of a bottle body (5) containing drinking water (6) and a cap mounted on the mouth of the bottle body. The cap is composed of a top cap (1), a cylinder support (2) and a storage cylinder (4) containing condense beverage (3). The top cap (1) is coupled to the cylinder sup ...







Liu Zhongyi, Zhao Guozhi, Zhao Yun: Method of producing neutral high quality anhydrous sodium sulfate using natucal salt lake sodium sulfate decahydrate. Nei Monggol Yuanxing Trona, hu he, February 18, 2004: CN03132966

A process for preparing the refined neutral sodium sulphate from the sodium mirabilite of natural salt lake includes dissolving raw material, sand filtering, adding ammonium sulfate, forced evaporation, centrifugal separation, hot-air drying and magnetically removing iron. Its advantages are high pu ...

Dai Lianrong, Liu Zhongyi, He Zhanhai: Method of producing soda using gauber salt of natural salt lake sodium sulfate decahydrate resources blending with residuel halogen and carbonizing. Nei Monggol Yuanxing Trona, hu he, February 18, 2004: CN03132969

A process for preparing sodium carbonate from the sodium mirabilite of natural salt lake features that the natrium sulfate alkali and intercrystalline bittern, which are generated in producing crystal nitre, are used as raw material, and includes dissolving the natrium sulfate alkali in intercrystal ...