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The invention provides a conductor cleaning solution and a method for cleaning aluminum strands of all aluminum and steel reinforced conductors, such as ACSS, ACSR, ACAR, and AAA. The conductor cleaning method provides a container (11) adapted to receive a portion of a conductor to be cleaned, a hou ...


Shen Gaosheng, Shen Zhidong, Zhang Yuqiao, Sun Heqing, Mei Jing, Song Cuiping, Liu Yansheng: Airborne anchor rod drilling machine. Shanxi Donghua Machinery, zhangzhi xiang, April 18, 2007: CN200610012912

This invention relates to a rig using for the tunnel anchor below the coal mine. This invention resolves the problem of the existing technology. It supplies an airborne anchor pole rig that can locate more precise and assurance the quality of anchor hole. It includes hydraulic motors, tanks, fixatio ...

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The invention relates to a tunnel constructing device, especially providing an automatic anchor rod driller for supporting the top plate and side wall, wherein said invention is formed by track walking device, frame and the drilling machine mounted on the frame; said invention can not work with tunn ...

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The present invention relates to a vapor-liquid mass transfer method without scale effect. Said method is characterized by that on one layer of column tray several mass transfer elements are parallelly mounted, in the mass transfer element interior the complete process of interphase mass transfer ca ...





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A patient transporting blanket for first air is composed of a shaped bag for wrapping the body of patient, and the filler consisting of component A (isocyanate), and component B prepared from polyether or polyester polyol, cross-linking agent, silicon oil, white carbon black, catalyst and others. It ...