Perkins Cornelius C, Liu Godfrey: Data processing network and improved terminal. Burroughs Corporation, November 23, 1971: US3623013 (30 worldwide citation)

A data processing system having a central or main data processor and a plurality of remote data terminals each having at least one selectively changeable terminal address. The central processor is coupled in a poll-select environment to the various remote terminal processors via a communication link ...

Perkins Cornelius C, Liu Godfrey: Data processing systems. Burroughs, December 25, 1973: GB1341686-A (4 worldwide citation)

1341686 Digital computers BURROUGHS CORP 31 July 1970 [13 Aug 1969] 37088/70 Heading G4A A central data processor 11 polls a number of terminal stations 23 in address sequence and each terminal 23 can have its address changed by itself or by the central processor, for example, so that an urgent requ ...