Lu Jinnian, Liu Dongming: Screw-type waveform jacket condensator. Guangzhou Tech Long Packing Machinery, pengchang jiu, January 16, 2008: CN200610036420

The invention relates to a spiral waveform jacketed condenser, which comprises a coolant inlet/outlet bracket composed of a coolant inlet pipe and a coolant outlet pipe. The coolant outlet pipe comprises a base pipe and an upper coolant outlet pipe and a lower coolant outlet pipe extending along the ...




Zou Hansheng, Yang Hao, Qiu Liheng, Liu Dongming: Power dragging apparatus. Hubei Jingshan Light Industrial Machinery, June 4, 2008: CN200610125171

The invention relates to a power driven apparatus used for replacing corrugated rollers in a single-sided corrugated machine, comprising a screw mandrel 9, a nut 8, a deflecting ring 7, a dragging pin shaft6, a friction plate 10, a pressing block 5, a spring 4, a pressure adjusting nut 3, a spring s ...



Yan Xiuwen, Liu Dongming, Tang Jingting, Cheng Yuangui, Gong Jiehong, Liu Kai, Jia Jingying: Method for producing ion implantation thick film soi wafer material. No48 Inst, China Electronic Science &Amp Technology Group, maqiang, November 7, 2007: CN200710034778

This invention relates to a preparation method for ionic injected thick film SOI wafer materials including: cleaning a silicon chip to form a rich oxygen layer in it, annealing it at a certain atmosphere, temperature and time to form a SiO2 buried layer, and a non-crystalline silicon layer at the to ...


Zhang Qingan, Yuan Xiaomin, Si Tingzhi, Liu Dongming: Method for producing magnesium-based hydrogen-storing alloy and composite material by laser sintering. Anhui Polytechnic Univ, zhouzong ru, September 5, 2007: CN200710021164

Production of magnesium-base and hydrogen-storage alloy and composite material by laser sintering method is carried out by mixing elementary metal or hydrogen-storage alloy powders by ball mill, pressing mixed alloy biscuit, loading at 20-30MPa for 30 seconds, laser sintering by CO2 laser at 500-160 ...