Carpentier Frank J, Lins Stanley J: Snap action switch. Sperry Rand Corporation, September 7, 1971: US3603756 (16 worldwide citation)

An improved electrical switching arrangement wherein a diaphragm-type switch element is operated by a plunger mechanism having a novel molded elastomer return spring operatively associated with the plunger element for providing 'snap action.'

Lins Stanley J: Noise protection and rollover lockout for keyboards. Sperry Rand Corporation, May 2, 1972: US3660826 (10 worldwide citation)

An electronic circuit for use with an operator keyboard for preventing erroneous data generation which may otherwise occur because of contact bounce or by the substantially simultaneous closure of more than one key at a time. A pair of cross-coupled monostable multivibrators (one-shots) are coupled ...

Lins Stanley J, Hanson David G: Magnetoresistive keyboard. Sperry Rand Corporation, October 23, 1973: US3768095 (8 worldwide citation)

A keyboard comprising a matrix of rows and columns of key positions. A first plurality of N parallel strips of magnetoresistive material are formed in a horizontal direction on a glass substrate. A plurality of magnets are arranged side-by-side in a first position over said strips and can selectivel ...

Lins Stanley J, Hanson Marlin M, Lund Roger E: Dispositif et methode de deplacement de bulles magnetiques utilisant des domaines lineiformes oscillants, Bubble domain propagation using oscillating stripe domains. Sperry Rand Corporation, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, January 19, 1982: CA1116751

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREDisclosed is an apparatus for and a method of propagating bubble domainsalong fixed guidance channel forming stripe domains by capturing them in move-able stripe domains and then moving the capturing moveable stripe domains.The memory plane comprises a non-magnetic Gadolini ...

Lins Stanley J: Memoire lamellaire a domaines longitudinaux a paroi unique, Single-wall-domain, stripe-domain memory plane. Sperry Rand Corporation, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, December 1, 1981: CA1113606

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A laminated, integral structure that forms a bubblememory plane for the generation, storage and transfer ofsingle wall domains, bubble domains or bubbles is disclosed. The memory plane is formed of a non-magnetic gadoliniumgallium garnet (GGG) support member; formed upon t ...