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An insulated door construction such as for use as a refrigerator door having an inner liner secured to an outer panel by a snap-in association. A gasket is secured to the door by a portion of the snap-in retaining structure eliminating the need for screws and gasket retainers. The door is reinforced ...

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A refrigeration apparatus enclosure and method of forming the same wherein an inner laminate wall is provided in an outer cabinet for providing the sheet liner and insulation portions of the refrigeration apparatus enclosure. The laminate wall is folded along lines cut through the insulation to conf ...

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Refrigeration apparatus having a butter conditioning and storage compartment in a separator wall that separates the above freezing refrigerated compartment from the below freezing storage compartment with the butter compartment arranged to receive refrigeration from the above freezing compartment to ...



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"REFRIGERATOR ICE DOOR MECHANISM" ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE A refrigerator ice door mechanism having improvedstructure for controlling the outlet opening of a deliverychute provided for delivering ice pieces from an ice makerwithin the refrigerator to an access space in the front of thedoor. The cl ...