Issa Batarseh, Liangbin Yao: Isolated DC-DC converters with high current capability. University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Brian S Steinberger, Phyllis K Wood, Law Offices of Brian S Steinberger P A, December 30, 2008: US07471524 (39 worldwide citation)

A DC-to-DC converter having a transformer with a primary and a tapped secondary, two serial output filter inductors connected parallel with the secondary, a center output filter inductor connected between the secondary tap and serial output inductors, two serially connected switches connected in par ...

Hong Mao, Bradley Higgings, Liangbin Yao: Transformers with improved voltage-step-down ratios and DC-to-DC power converters employing same. Harness Dickey & Pierce, February 28, 2008: US20080048818-A1

A transformer includes a primary winding, a secondary winding, and a transformer core having a first leg, a second leg and a third leg. The second leg is positioned between the first leg and the third leg, and the primary winding is wound around the first leg, the second leg and the third leg. A pow ...

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