Lin Jingfu, Li Yanying: Method for displaying and imaging human body chorda strip organization in a same layer based on multi-layer helix ct. Lin Jingfu, chenxi, April 16, 2008: CN200610165128

Human body ropy tissue same layer display imaging method based on multislice spiral CT is disclosed in the present invention, comprising the following steps: a, using the multislice spiral CT to process volume scanning; b, using the multislice spiral CT thin-layer scanning function to regulate CT in ...



Gan Xiuqin, He Huyi, He Zhangjie, Hu Bo, Li Yanying, Lu Liuying, Mo Runxiu, Ning Xiucheng, Shen Zhangyou, Wei Benhui, Wei Guangpo, Wu Yanyong, Yu Jian: Method for planting dryland crops by crashing soil. Institute of Cash Crops, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Deng Xiaoan, July 21, 2010: CN201010125942

The invention discloses a method for planting dryland crops. A rotavator is utilized to deeply loosen and crash the soil in furrows so as to crash the loose soil in a cultivated layer and plough sole and make a portion of foreign soil in the plough sole rise up to be naturally mixed with the soil in ...



Wu Shaobin, Gao Li, Zhao Yanan, Liu Xiangmei, Li Yanying: Semi-physical driving fatigue vision simulation system platform. Beijing Institute of Technology, Fu Leijie, September 16, 2009: CN200910079326

The Semi-physical driving fatigue vision simulation system platform belongs to the technical field of driving vision simulation system platform. The invention comprises a vehicle dynamic model, a real vehicle (22), a vision simulation system and a driving information collecting system; with virtual ...

Chen Zaiding, Chen Zuxiang, Li Yanying, Tian Yun, Xia Yumin, Ye Junqing: Large integral disc-shaft forging piece formed by similar isothermal forging. Avic Guizhou Anda Avivtion Forging, June 30, 2010: CN200910102899

The invention discloses a large integral disc-shaft forging piece formed by similar isothermal forging, which solves the technical problems that the forging piece is rapidly formed when in forging and high-precision size and good texture and performance are obtained; the forging piece comprises a di ...

Li Yanying, Liu Huazhang, Sun Tujin: Process for preparing spherical catalyst of synthesizing ammonia by using stationary prilling sprayer. Zhejiang Polytechnical College, SUN TUJIN, June 27, 1990: CN88108726

This invention relates to a process for preparing spherical synthesizing ammonia catalyst by using stationary prilling sprayer. Concentrated magnetite, aluminium oxide, potassium nitrate and calcium carbonate are used as its raw materials, which goes through such processes as melting in electric fur ...