Xie Weihong, Li Naiqing, Tu Pengfei: Immunity regulation medicine composition, and its prepn. method. Limin Pharmaceutical Factory, Lizhu Group, sha cha guan chang, July 21, 2004: CN03123045

A Chinese medicine for regulating immunity and suppressing tumor is prepared from pilose asiabell root and astragalus root (1:1). Its preparing process is also disclosed.

Shi Xin, Wu Shaopeng, Gu Minghua, Li Naiqing: Clamping and positioning method for clamp teeth and device thereof. Changzhou Boiler, Jia Haifen, October 28, 2009: CN200910030802

The invention relates to a clamping and positioning method for clamp teeth, which comprises the following steps that: a clamp is placed on a crane of a lifting mechanism, and the crane moves along an upright post of a stander; the clamp is placed on a roller wheel and depends on self-weight to self- ...






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