Tan Pingheng, Zheng Houzhi, Li Guirong, Zhang Hao, Ji Yang, Gan Huadong, Zhu Hui: Temperature-changing microscopic magneto-optical spectrum system. Institute Of Semiconductors, Cas, tangbao beng, October 24, 2007: CN200610011749

A variable-temperature microscope magneto-optic spectrum system comprises a laser, a refrigerator for controlling the temperature of sample, a superconducting magnet with a central hole at room temperature for providing the magnetic field of magneto-optical spectrum, a laser incident path for leadin ...

Tan Pingheng, Li Guirong, Zhu Hui, Gan Huadong: Combined test system of micro-raman spectroscopy and near infrared spectrometer. Institute Of Semiconductors, Cas, tangbao beng, October 24, 2007: CN200610011750

A couple test system of microscope Laman spectrometer and near infrared spectrometer comprises a visible microscope Laman spectrometer which comprises a sample platform and a detector in visible range, a mirror on the path of the visible microscope Laman spectrometer, a lens on the reflective path o ...

Zhu Hui, Zheng Houzhi, Tan Pingheng, Zhang Hao, Gan Huadong, Sun Xiaoming, Li Guirong: Far-infrared detector spectral response measuring system in confocal microscopy. Institute Of Semiconductor Chinese Academy Of Sciences, tangbao beng, June 25, 2008: CN200610165535

The invention provides a confocal microscopy mid and far-infrared spectral response measurement system, which comprises an infrared source; an input end of an infrared monochrometer is connected to an output end of the infrared source; an infrared confocal microscopic system is arranged on an output ...



Wang Hongming, Li Guirong, Zhao Yutao, Dai Qixun, Chen Gang: Alkaline oxygen converter steelmaking slagging fluxing agent and its preparing method and slagging method. Jiangsu University, wangxu dong, September 12, 2007: CN200710020914

The invention relates to the slagging flux of oxygen converter steelmaking and its preparation methods as well as slagging method. The slagging flux contains by percentage of quality as follow: 5~10% of B2O3, 45~50% of CaO, 20~25% of MgO, 15~20% of Al2O3, 10~15% of Fe2O3. The slagging flux is added ...

Huang Qing, Cao Zhenhui, Li Guirong: Method for electroplating gold on surface of circuit board. Fugang Electronics, October 1, 2008: CN200710027416

The invention discloses a method for electrogilding on the surface of a circuit board. The method comprises the following steps: (1) cutting the to-be processed circuit board; (2) drilling the product pores and positioning pores; (3) adhering wet film on the copper-clad layer and generating dry film ...