Lewis W Davis, Francis A Rogers: Artificial Christmas tree with scent, sound and visual elements incorporated therein. Christopher Klein, October 3, 1995: US05455750 (56 worldwide citation)

An artificial holiday tree arrangement is disclosed herein which incorporates different elements associated with the Christmas season. The arrangement is comprised of an artificial Christmas tree, which incorporates a scent producing element therein, as well as an illuminated tree-top ornament, all ...

Ann S Johnson, John A Kilpatrick, Lewis W Davis Jr, David B Ledford, Larry D Henderson, Phillip E Wilson: Laboratory device to assist in the simulation of synthetic fiber heat-setting conditions. BASF Corporation, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, September 9, 1997: US05664455

A laboratory-scale device for assisting in the simulation of heat setting conditions includes a pair of laterally spaced-apart flexible heat-resistant cords (e.g., formed of aramid fibers) tensioned between forward and rearward rigid cross-support bars. At least one rigid tensioning bar is provided ...