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The invention discloses various embodiments of an ultrasonic motor and converter adapted to be used in home or industrial ultrasonic devices. The ultrasonic motor is generally of a piezoelectric material having a removable tip or of a design in which the complete motor is contained in a housing, whi ...

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Ultrasonic systems for use in consumer, and other applications, having electromechanical motor systems providing bursts of ultrasonic mechanical vibration at an applicator repeated at a sonic frequency to produce both ultrasonic and sonic vibratory motion and effect during use of said applicator.

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This invention relates to the method of manufacturing a toothbrush adapted to be mounted on an automatic toothbrush power handle, and having as a power source vibratory energy in the ultrasonic range. The manufacturing process includes that of providing a plastic brush having a head portion includin ...

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The invention discloses various embodiments of an ultrasonic kit adapted to be used in the home or for industrial purposes, as well as a variety of ultrasonic motor constructions and ultrasonic converter designs to be used either individually or in combination with each other. The ultrasonic motor i ...