Robert W Brown, Lester A Balster: Continuous microencapsulation. Appleton Papers, E Frank McKinney, Paul S Phillips Jr, June 12, 1984: US04454083 (14 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed for continuously manufacturing minute capsules in a closed conduit under conditions of non-turbulent flow. The continuous microencapsulation process comprises in-line emulsification of intended capsule core material in a liquid manufacturing vehicle comprising negatively-charg ...

Lester A Balster, Charles J Pingel, Jeffrey L Wells: Cross direction web processor. Appleton Papers, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, March 14, 2000: US06038487 (6 worldwide citation)

A web processor includes a support for supporting a movable web to form a concave trough along a path having a longitudinal axis. A rotatable element is provided which includes a beam redirecting device for redirecting an incident beam of radiation to produce a resultant beam directed substantially ...