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In apparatus for the reverse osmosis purification of water or other fluid in a module containing a membrane, the water is forced into the module under pressure using two piston-cylinder assemblies mechanically interconnected with the pressurized fluid from the module applied to the rear face of the ...

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Apparatus for reverse osmosis purification of water or other fluid by passing the fluid under pressure across a membrane, through which membrane a part of the fluid passes in purified form, makes use of a piston or diaphragm pump in which the front face of the piston or diaphragm is used to force th ...

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A can opener includes a pair of pivoted handle members (101), (102), associated with a drive wheel (108) and a cutting wheel (111), which are brought into a position to nip the rim of a can when the handles are closed. The nip on the can is not lost when the handle members are partially opened to an ...