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A method is provided for mining deep tar sand deposits which minimizes energy losses and surface subsidance due to cavity collapse. A well is sunk through the overburden and tar sands deposit into the bedrock below the deposit; the well is sealed and pressurized with steam and inert gas. Hot aqueous ...

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The invention relates to a process and apparatus for catalytic cracking in a fluid phase of a hydrocarbon charge. The process comprises contacting, in ascending or descending flow, the charge and grains of a cracking catalyst in a tubular reactor, ballistically separating the spent catalyst and the ...

Leonard Seglin: Gasification of ash containing carbonaceous solids. COGAS Development Company, November 23, 1976: US03993583 (10 worldwide citation)

In the process of making synthesis gas in a fluidized bed from carbon and steam, wherein a recirculating stream of carbon from the bed is heated externally of the bed with combustion gases derived by burning carbonaceous solids taken from the bed, using all the fines separated from the synthesis gas ...

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Synthesis gas is prepared by contacting coal-derived char particles with steam in a fluid-bed gasifier wherein heat for the endothermic reaction is supplied by passing through the gasifier a stream of inert pellets heated externally of the gasifier. The pellets, after leaving the gasifier, are separ ...

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This specification discloses a vapor phase process for oxidizing acetaldehyde to peracetic acid, acetic acid being also formed at the same time, in an elongated reaction zone into which oxygen is fed through a plurality of oxygen injection sites spaced along the length of the reaction zone. The reac ...