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A selective call receiver (106) has a frequency synthesizer (708) for scanning a plurality of frequencies to determine a control channel to receive a signal and a receiver (704) for receiving the signal representative of an available frequency associated with a geographic region. The signal includes ...

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Apparatus and method is disclosed for automatically, or by selective response, call forwarding a message to one or more system pagers which have an acknowledge back capability.

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Apparatus and method is disclosed for storing and subsequently transmitting later messages for system pagers with acknowledge back capability that nevertheless fail to acknowledge back in the first instance. Addresses are retransmitted for pagers initially failing to acknowledge back on a continuous ...

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Bonded abrasive compositions, articles incorporating same, and methods of making the compositions and articles are presented, the compositions comprising abrasive particles dispersed throughout and adhered within an elastomeric polyurea matrix. The polyurea matrix is formed from the polymerization r ...

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A paging receiver having acknowledge back capability is provided with the capability to request a received message to be forwarded to an alternate paging receiver in a paging system after having received its address and associated message. The paging receiver includes an entry device for selecting t ...

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Abrasive articles and a method for the manufacture of the articles are described. The articles comprise a backing having a first major surface and a second major surface; a first resin layer comprising a first hardened resin, the first resin layer extending over the first major surface of the backin ...

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Abrasive belts suitable for offhand and automated article finishing provide a uniform finish without lapping or parting lines. The belts comprise a lofty non-woven web securely needle tacked to a woven backing and impregnated with resin and abrasive.

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A signalling protocol comprising a plurality of interleaved phases is transmitted at various baud rates, the various baud rates being multiples of a base baud rate. The signalling protocol allows a selective call receiver to decode at an operating baud rate equivalent to the base baud rate irrespect ...