Hugot Michel Paul Rene, Lenoir Yves Andre Joseph, Poulet Jacques Phlippe Edmond: Control mechanism for traction sails of terrestrial or sea vehicles. Hugot Michel Paul Rene, January 21, 2000: FR2781195-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The mechanism controls three flight angles of a traction sail held by two, four or six lines and its launching and its drawing back. The steering wheel shaft (117) acts on the fork (99) to control the inclination, on the fork (97) for the incidence and on the shaft (98) via the cardan transmission ( ...

Lenoir Yves Andre Joseph, Poulet Jacques Phlippe Edmond: Vehicle angular suspension spring and shock absorber with independent adjustment usable for light aircraft or land vehicles. Lenoir Yves Andre Joseph, November 12, 1999: FR2778371-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The angular suspension system is composed of a spring and a coaxial shock absorber for rotational movements with an amplitude less than 45 degrees. The spring is made from two square tubes (1,2) between which are four rubber strands (3). The shock absorber is made from two friction material collars ...

Lenoir Yves Andre Joseph, Poulet Philippe Jacques: Independent control of hang-glider incidence, inclination and direction. Lenoir Yves Andre Joseph, May 21, 1999: FR2771072-A1

The independent control of a hang-glider incidence, inclination and direction is composed of six lines four of which (1,2,3,4) control the incidence and inclination. The other lines (11,12) which are connected to the flaps (9,10) control the direction. The six lines are controlled by the user by mea ...

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