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Borehole opener, particularly for enlarging this hole underneath a casing in the field of oil prospecting, comprising a body (

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A coated cemented carbide cutting tool (indexable inserts) for the wet or dry milling, particularly at high cutting speeds, of stainless steels of different composition and microstructure, but also for the milling of non-stainless steels such as low carbon steels and low and medium alloyed steels is ...

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The present invention relates to a coated cemented carbide insert with a binder phase enriched surface zone. The WC-grains have an average grain size in the range 1.0-3.5 &mgr;m, preferably 1.3-3.0 &mgr;m and the number of WC-grains larger than 2 times the average grain size is less than 10 grains/c ...

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There is disclosed a method of sintering cemented carbide bodies including heating said bodies to the sintering temperature in a suitable atmosphere and cooling. If said cooling at least to below 1200° C. is performed in a hydrogen atmosphere of pressure 0.4-0.9 bar cemented carbide bodies with no s ...