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A method and apparatus is provided for processing a measurement process to estimate a signal process, even if the signal and/or measurement processes have large and/or expanding ranges. The method synthesizes training data comprising realizations of the signal and measurement processes into a primar ...

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A polymer comprising recurring units represented by formula (I): wherein X is selected from the group consisting of C(O)OR1, C(O)SR1, C(O)NR1R2, and VZ, where R1 and R2 are each individually selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, C1 to C10 alkyl, and C6 to C10 aryl, where V is a labile link ...

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The invention relates generally to compositions of and methods for obtaining mu opioid receptor polypeptides. The invention relates as well to polynucleotides encoding mu opioid receptor polypeptides, the recombinant vectors carrying those sequences, the recombinant host cells including either the s ...

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Compositions and methods are disclosed for the treatment of diabetes and related diseases using peptides with incretin hormone activity. Preferably, the peptide with incretin hormone activity is GLP-1, exendin or an analog of GLP-1 or exendin. The peptides with incretin hormone activity are administ ...

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Polyacetals comprising a recurring units represented by a formula selected from the group consisting of formula (I) and (II): wherein A comprises at least one acetal group; B is selected from the group consisting of —CH—, —CH(CH3)—, CH2CH—, —CH2C(CH3)—, —CH(CH3)CH—, and —CHCH(CH3)CH(CH3)—; Z is sele ...

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An ionic liquid piezoelectric gas sensor for the detection of polar and nonpolar organic vapors. The gas sensor can operate at high temperatures with a fast linear response which is also reversible. At high temperatures, the frequency change (Δf) versus concentration (C) curve mirrors the Henry's ga ...

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Active vibration control (AVC) systems without online path modeling and controller adjustment are provided that are able to adapt to an uncertain operating environment. The controller (

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Polymers comprising a polyethylenimine, a biodegradable group, and a relatively hydrophobic group are useful for the delivery of bioactive agents to cells.

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An ink jet printer has an ink jet printing head with a plurality of nozzles, an ink jet compensation controlling device for driving the ink jet printing head, and a detecting device for detecting a status of the nozzles. When the detecting device detects at least one malfunctioning nozzle, the ink j ...

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System and method for automatically recognizing media contents comprise steps of capturing media content from the Internet and/or devices, extracting fingerprints from captured contents and transferring to the backend servers for identification, and backend servers processing the fingerprints and re ...