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This invention provides the use as or for the preparation of a foodstuffs material of a granular starch hydrolysate which in aqueous dispersion is organoleptically fat-like, and which may be used as an at least partial substitute for fats and/or oils.


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ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Vegetable proteins may be converted into isolates which areuseful for preparing imitation cheese products. These unique isolatesare characterized in general as: having an NSI of at least 90, havenot been subjected to enzymatic or chemical hydrolysis, form an insolublegel w ...

ADKESSON DENNIS MICHAEL, ALSOP ALBERT W, AMES TYLER T, CHU LUIS ALBERTO, DISNEY JAMES M, DRAVIS BRYAN C, FITZGIBBON PATRICK, GADDY JAMES M, GALLAGHER F GLENN, LEHNHARDT WILLIAM F, LIEVENSE JEFFERSON C, LUYBEN MICHAEL L, SEAPAN MAYIS, TROTTER ROBERT E, WENNDT GREGORY M, YU EUGENE K: [fr] Purification de 1,3-propanediol obtenu par voie biologique, [de] Reinigung von biologisch erzeugtem 1,3-Propanediol, [en] Purification of biologically-produced 1,3-propanediol. DU PONT, STALEY MFG CO A E, October 13, 2010: EP2239334-A1

[en] A composition comprising biologically-produced 1,3-propanediol, the composition having a concentration of total organic impurities of less than 400 ppm, and an ultraviolet absorption at 220 nm of less than 0.200 and at 250 nm of less than 0.075 and at 275 nm of less than 0.075.

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A process is described for producing organic acids such as lactic acid. The process includes the steps of producing lactic acid by fermentation, resulting in an aqueous fermentation broth containing lactic acid, and adding a calcium base, such as calcium carbonate, to the fermentation broth, thereby ...

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An organic acid can be recovered from a fermentation broth by clarifying the broth to remove at least a substantial portion of the impurities therein, producing a clarified feed; acidulating the clarified feed by adding a quantity of a mineral acid effective to lower the pH of the feed to between ab ...

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ABSTRACT OF DISCLOSUREBy enzymatically modifying vegetable glycoprotein isolates withan acid proteinase such as pepsin, the glycoproteins may be converted toa vegetable isolate useful as egg albumin replacement or whip-stabilizingagent. The enzymatic modification partially hydrolyzes the glycoprotei ...

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7S AND 11S VEGETABLE PROTEINFRACTIONATION AND ISOLATION ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Aqueous mixtures of water-soluble 7S and 11S proteins areeffectively fractionated and isolated by precipitating the 11S proteinat a pH 5.8-6.3 in the presence of carefully controlled concentrationsof water-soluble sal ...

Lehnhardt William F, Gibson Paul W, Orthoefer Frank T: Fractionnement et isolation de proteines a 7s et lis de melanges de proteines vegetales precipitees par un procede isoelectrique, Fractionation and isolation of 7s and 11s proteins from isoelectrically precipitated vegetable protein mixtures. Staley, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, January 29, 1985: CA1181705

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREThe 7S and 11S proteins of vegetable proteins may be effectivelyfractionated and isolated by selectively extracting 7S proteins from anisoelectrically precipitated mixture of 7S and 11S protein in the presenceof water-soluble salts. The initial 7S extraction is typically co ...

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A process for purifying 1,3-propanediol from the fermentation broth of a cultured E. coli that has been bioengineered to synthesize 1,3-propanediol from sugar is provided. The basic process entails filtration, ion exchange and distillation of the fermentation broth product stream, preferably includi ...