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A multiport memory architecture, systems including the same and methods for using the same. The architecture generally includes (a) a memory array; (b) a plurality of ports configured to receive and/or transmit data; and (c) a plurality of port buffers, each of which is configured to transmit the da ...

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Drives of a data storage library are concurrently configured. A processor transmits library configuration data separately to each drive, initializes a first configuration process state, with a time-out period, for each drive. A drive responds with a status response, the first process state is update ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a high-speed multiport memory architecture suited for a network high speed and high switching flexibility, and a method and a system including the same.SOLUTION: A multiport memory is provided with a plurality of ports (c) for receiving/transmitting the data (b) of a ...


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An automated system having removable system components is self-configured, first, determining whether configuration data is available, for example, in a non-volatile memory. If available, the processor reads a system identifier of the configuration data, compares the read and a sensed system identif ...

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A memory device which utilizes a plurality of memory modules coupled in parallel to a master I/O module through a single directional asymmetrical signal swing (DASS) bus. This structure provides an I/O scheme having symmetrical swing around half the supply voltage, high through-put, high data bandwi ...

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A fluid flow meter having a recessed body defining a fluid measuring chamber which is open at one end and which rotatably receives a fluid driven metering rotor. A register casing containing a fluid flow register mechanism is detachably fixed to the meter body and has a bottom wall part covering the ...


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Four transistors (110,116,112,118), a pair of buffers (122,124), and an inverter (126) are configured with the first transistor (110) connected in a pull-up configuration, with the transistor drain connected to a first node (130) and with the transistor gate connected to a second node (132). The sec ...