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A method of authorizing use of a network device is disclosed and includes receiving an internet protocol (IP) address from the network device and receiving an identification from the network device. The method also includes retrieving information that is associated with an account based on the IP ad ...

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The disclosure is generally directed to a system and method of managing and deploying Internet protocol television (IPTV) services. The method includes a service product offer management and deployment system. The method further includes a service product ordering subsystem to receive and process a ...

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Computer-implemented methods, computer-readable media, and systems are disclosed. A computer implemented method includes accessing a digital image including a plurality of faces including a first face and a second face. a computer-implemented method includes determining, from a receiving device, a c ...

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A computer readable storage medium is disclosed having a computer program stored therein, which in a particular embodiment, the computer program includes but is not limited to machine readable instructions that when executed by a computer manage a plurality of sub accounts under a main account in a ...

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A set-top box device includes a processor and memory accessible to the processor. The memory includes instructions executable by the processor to provide a graphical user interface (GUI) at a television coupled to the set-top box device. The GUI includes a bread crumb trail having a selectable categ ...

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A method is disclosed that includes receiving a command to blackout a full screen version of content at a component of a multimedia content distribution system. The method includes updating a first entry within a control matrix to reflect that the full screen version of the content is to be blacked ...

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A system facilitates a first user providing a second user with a gift through a service provider network. A first user may provide an asset such as a ring tone for use on the second user's mobile device. Alternatively, the first user may provide a monetary credit to the second user. Embodied systems ...

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Systems and methods for selecting a video transmission event to be blacked out and storing a data record with instructions to color code an element within a graphical user interface based on the blackout are disclosed.