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A percutaneous device for facilitating passage of wires, tubes, and other electrical or fluid conductors through the skin of an animal, in a manner such that the wires, tubes, or other conductors are immobilized with respect to the skin and a fluid and bacterial seal is obtained. The device comprise ...

Stoffey Donald G, Lee Jr Henry L: Thermosetting acrylic resins and their use as binders in dental filling compositions. November 27, 1973: US3774305 (25 worldwide citation)

Bisphenol-A-bis(2,3-dimethacrylatopropyl ether) and the adduct of methacrylic acid and triglycidyl ether of trihydroxy biphenyl are utilized as binders for dental restorative compositions.

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Dental developmental pit and fissure sealant composition comprising component A composed essentially of a thermosetting resin of the formula: ##SPC1##Wherein R.sub.1 is hydrogen or alkyl of one to four carbon atoms; and R is (CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 --O).sub.x wherein x is an integer of 1 to 5, and an acc ...

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A fluid connecting device particularly adapted for use in connection with hemodialysis operations to permit repeated access to the blood system of chronic hemodialysis patients. The device comprises a pair of tube elements and a base structure adapted for rigidly mounting the tube elements in spaced ...

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Tetraazomethine and tetrafunctional primary amine curing agents for polyepoxides. The tetraazomethines may be produced by reacting a bisazomethine having a single reactive hydrogen with a diisocyanate or a diepoxy. The tetrafunctional primary amines are produced by hydrolysis of the tetraazomethines ...

Lee Jr Henry L, Orlowski Jan A: Dental base material. Lee Pharmaceuticals, Irons & Sears, December 30, 1975: US3929493 (7 worldwide citation)

Tooth cavities are lined with an aqueous paste of calcium silicate and an organic acid which reacts in situ to form a dental base material comprised of the calcium salt of the acid suspended in a network of silica gel.

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A blend of solvents, at least one of the solvents forming a low boiling azeotrope with water and at least one other solvent being miscible with water, which may contain a nonvolatile component which produces a hydrophobic film upon evaporation of the solvent. The solvent blend with or without the no ...