Lee E Elfes, Dale A Wood: Stackable filter head unit. Massey Ferguson, John C Thompson, March 11, 1980: US04192750 (107 worldwide citation)

A filter assembly utilizing a plurality of stackable filter head units which permit parallel flow through filter elements mounted within filter bowls, there being one filter element and filter bowl mounted on each of the stackable filter head units. An improved filter head construction is employed w ...

Otto Mueller Jr, Lee E Elfes: Draft sensing apparatus. Massey Ferguson, John C Thompson, June 10, 1980: US04206813 (5 worldwide citation)

An improved tractor draft sensing mechanism of a special construction so designed that it will transmit only draft signals to the tractor draft control linkage. The mechanism includes a rigid sensing arm hinged at one end to a mounting clamp disposed about a bendable shaft, the mounting clamp being ...

Dale A Wood, Lee E Elfes: Sensitivity adjusting apparatus for tractor draft sensing and control system. Massey Ferguson, John C Thompson, October 25, 1983: US04411319 (3 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for varying the sensitivity of a tractor draft sensing and control system of the type including a draft sensing mechanism having an output link shiftable along its length in response to changes in draft and a draft control linkage having an input arm mounted for swinging movement about ...

Leonard H Richardson, Otto Mueller Jr, Lee E Elfes: Brake assembly. Massey Ferguson, John C Thompson, December 14, 1982: US04363384 (2 worldwide citation)

A disc brake assembly carried within a defferential housing immediately to the rear of a transmission housing. The brake assembly includes a casting mounted to the rear of the transmission housing and which supports a disc brake construction adapted to engage discs on the output shaft of the transmi ...


Lee E Elfes, Joseph W Beckerman: Coupling. Massey Ferguson, John C Thompson, August 22, 1978: US04107951

A flexible coupling which permits both rotational and axial movement. An elastomeric member is sandwiched between two coupling members and is held in place in such a manner that the coupling members do not contact each other. Thus, each of the coupling members includes an elongated portion provided ...