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An electro-surgical forceps has a recessed irrigation channel. The forceps includes a pair of blades mounted in a cap portion. A groove is recessed in the inner surface of a first blade of the pair of blades. Tubing is disposed in the groove. The tubing terminates at a location spaced from the termi ...

Lawrence T Kirwan Jr: Non-sticking electrosurgical device having nickel tips. March 23, 1993: US05196009 (283 worldwide citation)

A non-sticking set of bipolar forceps manufactured by forming the first and second blade portions from nickel.

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An electro-surgical forceps are provided which minimize sticking to tissue of a patient. The forceps include a pair of electrically conducting blade members extending from an insulated cap portion. The blade members include an inner layer of copper or copper alloy having a thickness sufficient to di ...

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This application discloses a pair of bipolar forceps for use in medicine the forceps having one piece blade portions, the center of which is coated with a plastic material and which has an integral connector formed at one end of the overcoated plastic and a terminal end of each of the blade portions ...

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A bipolar blood coagulator probe has a coaxial or other bipolar arrangement for use submerged in a sterile fluid during arthroscopy of joints, with an elongated outer electrode positioned in juxtaposition to an elongated inner electrode and with an elongated electrical inner insulation layer positio ...

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A bipolar coagulator includes a connector pin having an offset therein to provide a strong electrical connection between the pin and the conductor. The bipolar coagulator comprises an insulative housing extending along a longitudinal axis from a tip to a connector end. A coaxial conductor having an ...

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A cable assembly interconnects an electrosurgical instrument and source equipment for power and fluid transfer. The cable assembly includes a unitary tubular assembly forming a lumen(s) and an insulating sheath(s) for an electrically conducting cord that are integrally interconnected via a web arran ...

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Disclosed is an electro surgical device for use by a surgeon to perform coagulation procedures to damaged tissue and evacuation procedures to related fluids. In one embodiment, the device comprises a first electrode having a first open end, a second open end, an outside surface, and a channel extend ...

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This inventon is directed at a disposable bipolar coagulator which includes a coaxial conductor with a unitary housing. The coaxial conductor includes an outer conductor, an inner conductor and a circumferential insulator. The coaxial conductor is formed by passing the inner conductor through the ou ...

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A bipolar, fluid assisted coagulator/ablator probe having a coaxial bipolar electrode arrangement in which an elongated outer electrode is positioned concentrically around an elongated inner electrode. An elongated concentric electrical inner insulating layer is positioned between the outer electrod ...