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Waveguide antennas for ultrasonic flowmeters are described in which at least one pair of antennas is used to interrogate a flowing fluid. The waveguides are parallel, each pair defining a plane of interrogation which is parallel or nearly parallel to the flow.

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A method and apparatus for measuring fluid characteristics use a non-invasive ultrasonic system for generating spatially extended signals into a volume of a fluid and detecting said signals for measuring the characteristic of the fluid. The generated waves are Rayleigh-like surface waves creating, i ...

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An ultrasonic system that measures either the impedance of a fluid or liquid level utilizes moderately directional, bulk SV mode sound waves generated by a transducer and propagated in a homogeneous, flaw-free solid member. The SV wave propagates in the solid along a zigzag path that reflects at a s ...

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An ultrasonic transducer assembly for making measurements within a fluid, the assembly including a transducer, a backing member and a matching member all supported within a cylindrical metal housing with the transmitting face of the housing being sealed with a thin sealing element formed of a non-re ...

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Methods and apparatus for ultrasonically measuring selected physical parameters of a test material or structure are achieved by selecting and configuring waveguides for transmitting extensional, longitudinal, shear, Rayleigh and Lamb waves into media in a marginally dispersive manner. Marginally dis ...

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A snap-on flow measurement system includes a block which attaches to a conduit and positions at least one transducer for launching and receiving acoustic signals along a precisely defined path through a flowing fluid. In one embodiment adapted to small tubes, two transducers are coupled to the tube ...

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A waveguide couples ultrasonic energy from a source on one side of a fluid-bounding wall, such as a conduit, into fluid on the other side of the wall. The waveguide has a buffer that couples to the source, and a seat with an exit face, while an intermediate portion contains a redirecting surface for ...

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A flow meter, or flow path intervalometer, transmits a transmission signal modulated with digital pseudo-noise or similar code. The received signal is correlated with the transmitted signal at successive times to produce a correlation function having a peak at a time to equal to the propagation time ...

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A device for performing ultrasonic measurements on liquid flowing within a conduit having walls of relatively high acoustic impedance material. The conduit is split into two separate segments with the emitting transducer in one segment and a receiving transducer in the other segment. The space betwe ...

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Transducers are mounted in a housing or vessel to propagate signals along a fluid measurement path, and a plurality of massive elements are placed between transmitting and receiving transducers in the acoustic propagation path through the solid body of the housing or vessel to remove crosstalk. In a ...