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The present invention concerns an optical guide (100) comprising an amplifier medium including: a core (10) in a main matrix of a transparent material, the main matrix containing particules (1, 2), each particule being formed of a submicronic matrix distinct from the main matrix and doped by an acti ...

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The invention relates to an optical fiber having a core based on silica with at least one fluorescent dopant distributed over the entire section of the core, a central zone co-doped with a co-dopant chosen from Al and P, and a peripheral zone co-doped with the other co-dopant chosen from Al and P. T ...

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Optical fiber having a multimode core (10) comprising:—a first zone (11), which is homogeneous, made of a first material, which has a first refractive index;—a second zone (12) made of at least one second material, which has a second refractive index, which is less than the first index, that second ...

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A device for doping silica powder with a dopant includes an arrangement for receiving silica soot particles or previously fabricated silica granules. The particles or granules contained in the receiving arrangement are heated to a temperature sufficient to allow agglomeration of the soot particles i ...

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The invention concerns a method for making an optical fiber (18) including the following steps: producing a preform (10) containing nanoparticles provided with an active element including at least one recess (14) proximate at least part of the nanoparticles; fiber drawing of the preform (10) by intr ...

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An optical fiber amplifier is considered comprising a mono-mode core, a first cladding around said core and at least a further cladding around said first cladding while said first cladding includes a ring shaped active region doped with rare earth material surrounding said mono-mode core. Advantageo ...


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An optical fiber comprises a silica multimode optical core having a refractive index n1 and at least one polymer optical cladding having a refractive index n2, with n1>n2. It further comprises a heterogeneous polymer intermediate optical cladding situated between the multimode core and the optical c ...

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An optical fiber with microstructures comprises a plurality of capillary tubes disposed around a central rod and including a self-cleaning layer including molecules able to react with hydroxyl molecules to produce volatile gaseous substances.

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An optical filter comprising a slanted Bragg grating inscribed in an optical fiber portion comprising a core having a refractive index n1 and a radius Rcore and a cladding having an average refractive index n2 lower than n1 and a radius Rcladding, the core and the cladding of the fiber being doped w ...