Lauren W Guth: Compactor container with removable bottom. General Electric Company, Francis H Boos, December 14, 1976: US03997072 (46 worldwide citation)

A refuse container assembly for use in a trash compactor, the container having a tapered sleeve and a dish-shaped bottom portion removably attached to the lower end of the sleeve by clamp means which wedges between the dish-shaped bottom portion and the sleeve. The refuse container is easily disasse ...

Lauren W Guth: Dishwasher rack. General Electric Company, January 27, 1976: US03934728 (25 worldwide citation)

An improved dishwasher rack in which a small items secondary rack is pivotally connected to a base rack and movable between a vertical storage position substantially perpendicular to the base rack and a horizontal position overlaying the first rack, thus providing an extra rack for drying of small i ...

Lauren W Guth deceased: Door latch control means for a dishwasher. General Electric Company, Francis H Boos, October 12, 1976: US03985023 (9 worldwide citation)

A door latch control means for a dishwasher is disclosed which includes a mechanical linkage associated with the dishwasher timer to unlatch the door at the onset of the drying portion of the cycle. A first lever is pivotally mounted and spring biased to be tripped by the timer whereupon a pin on th ...

Lauren W Guth: Door latch. General Electric Company, Robert W Fletcher, Francis H Boos, July 13, 1976: US03968984 (8 worldwide citation)

A door latch having an over-center latching mechanism, which can be tripped by the dishwasher timer to allow the door to open slightly during the drying cycle of the dishwasher. The latch can also be opened by operating a handle on the exterior of the dishwasher.

Lauren W Guth, Donald S Cushing: Sound-dampening connection. General Electric Company, Robert W Fletcher, Francis H Boos, May 4, 1976: US03954116 (6 worldwide citation)

A liquid-containing, trap connection, for connecting a dishwasher tub in fluid flow relationship with a pump inlet, the trap connection having a tongue-like projection, located therewithin, and integrally attached to the connection sidewall above the liquid level in the trap. The tongue-like project ...