Larry L Nielsen: Multi-wavelength incremental absorbence oximeter. Hewlett Packard Company, Donald N Timbie, September 11, 1979: US04167331 (202 worldwide citation)

Light of two different wavelengths is passed through or reflected from a member of the body so as to be modulated by the pulsatile blood flow therein. The amplitudes of the alternating current components of the logarithms of the respective light modulations are compared by taking their molecular ext ...

Albert K Bond, Edwin B Merrick, Larry L Nielsen: Perfusion meter. Hewlett Packard Company, David A Boone, August 29, 1978: US04109643 (51 worldwide citation)

A perfusion meter comprising a hand-held battery operated optical plethysmograph displays an indication of blood flow rate in response to the time-varying optical transmission characteristics of an ear or other organ. This indication, called the perfusion index, is proportional to both the amplitude ...

Ellen V Leckband, Larry L Nielsen: Virtual arrhythmia system. Hewlett Packard Company, Donald N Timbie, December 27, 1988: US04794532 (48 worldwide citation)

A patient arrhythmia monitoring system having a plurality of bedside stations that can derive physiological data for a patient coupled thereto, a central station, a bus for providing communication between said bedside stations and said central station. A processor is provided for analyzing the data ...

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