Richard R Dague deceased, Largus T Angenent: Anaerobic migrating blanket reactor. Iowa State University Research Foundation, Henderson & Sturm, March 23, 1999: US05885460 (14 worldwide citation)

A continuously fed, compartmentalized reactor that reverses its flow in a horizontal manner. This system is developed without the requirement of elaborate gas-solids-separator and feed-distribution systems. Effluent recycling is not required, but mixing is necessary to obtain a sufficient biomass/su ...

Largus T Angenent, Matthew T Agler: Production of carboxylates and methane from biomass waste. Cornell University, Hodgson Russ, May 16, 2017: US09650652

Methods and systems for producing and removing C6 and/or C8 carboxylates and/or methane from carbohydrate containing biomass, an alcohol, and mixtures of microorganisms under an anaerobic environment. The C6 and/or C8 carboxylates are removed continuously or in-line. Methanogenesis is not inhibited ...

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