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The creped nonwoven laminate loop material of the present invention includes a creped nonwoven layer attached to a support layer. The creped nonwoven layer may be, for example, a spunbond nonwoven web or a staple fiber bonded carded web. The support layer may be formed of any material that can be su ...

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A garment including an elastomeric composite laminate around one or more openings for the legs, arms, waist, neck, or the like of a wearer. The garment includes a substrate defining the one or more openings, and an elastomeric composite laminate attached to the substrate adjacent the one or more ope ...


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Hot-melt adhesive compositions of atactic polypropylene and isotactic polypropylene are particularly suitable for bonding non-woven elastic composites. A selected amount of isotactic polypropylene is blended with a selected amount of atactic polypropylene to prepare an adhesive composition having on ...