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Apparatus for the surgical treatment of tissues (12) by hyperthermia, preferably the prostate (14), of the type equipped with heating means (16) for inducing hyperthermia, comprising a microwave generating device (18) placed in an emitting probe means (20) adapted to be inserted in a cavity of the b ...


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The method involves measuring ultrasound signals back scattered from the tissue before and after treatment. An Independent claim is included for an ultrasound device for tissue therapy.



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The present invention relates to an ultrasound probe head (1), especially for HIFU treatment, comprising a treatment ultrasound transducer (2) and an imaging ultrasound transducer (3). The imaging transducer (3) comprises a shield element (4) configured such that most of the energy of ultrasound wav ...

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Dans un lit thérapeutique du type comprenant une cuve (E) traversée par un courant de gaz et renfermant une multitude de microbilles de verre (1), des granulés (2) sphériques et de densité plus grande que celle des billes de verre (1), présentant une activité biochimique plus grande que celle des bi ...

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The invention relates to a treatment probe for focussed ultrasound comprising: a probe body (2) which is mounted in rotation around an axis (8); an elongated treatment transducer (10) with a focussed ultrasound emission acoustic axis which is more or less the same as the rotation axis of the probe b ...


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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To selectively destroy only a predetermined tissue, for example, a tumor tissue while reducing a risk of bleeding and reducing a risk of glycine absorption by sufficiently clotting blood vessels.SOLUTION: This operative clotting instrument has a plane ultrasonic transducer with ...