Kwan C Lin: Innovative locking plate system. Bacon & Thomas, February 4, 1992: US05085660 (323 worldwide citation)

A locking plate system has multiple locking pins, each with one end formed as a screw to lock in the pending fixation bones or vertebral tubercles, with another end defining rectangular or similarly shaped locking post having a threaded locking end. Near the locking post end, there is formed a stopp ...

Kwan C Lin: Orthopedic fixation device having a double-threaded screw. Bacon & Thomas, March 4, 1997: US05607428 (243 worldwide citation)

An orthopedic fixation device includes a fixation plate having at least one through hole in which a direction adjusting ring is held securely. The direction adjusting ring is provided with an inner threaded hole engageable with a second threaded portion of a double-threaded bone screw. Located at a ...

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