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A composite-metal wood-style golf club head having a metal casing with at least two openings in the crown in which composite covers are disposed. The portion of the metal casing between the covers defines a bar-like stiffener that extends between the face and the back in a direction generally perpen ...

Kun Nan Lo: Method for producing a composite golf club head. Curtis Morris & Safford, May 2, 1995: US05410798 (173 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a composite golf club head includes the steps of forming a metal hollow casing; disposing a bowl-shaped laminated member in the metal hollow casing; providing an expansible pocket in the bowl-shaped laminated member, the expansible pocket containing a mixture of sodium nitrite ...

Kun Nan Lo: Composite golf head. Curtis Morris and Safford, July 12, 1994: US05328176 (133 worldwide citation)

A composite golf head includes a head portion which is made of a carbon fiber composite material. The head portion has a front face, a rear face opposed to the front face, a top face, and a bottom face opposed to the top face. A metal reinforcing plate is fixed to the front face. The metal reinforci ...

Kun Nan Lo: Composite golf club head. Curtis Morris & Safford, April 19, 1994: US05303922 (92 worldwide citation)

A composite golf head includes a head portion with a striking face, and a striking plate fixed to the striking face of the head portion. The head portion is made of a carbon fiber composite material and the striking plate is made of a wear resistant material. A plurality of first projections extendi ...

Kun Nan Lo: Golf club head. Matthew K Ryan, December 21, 1993: US05271621 (62 worldwide citation)

The golf club head includes a hollow main body that is made of metal and has a front side with a wall that defines a cavity at an outer surface. A projection unit is formed integrally with the periphery of the wall at an inner surface of the latter and extends into the hollow main body.

Kun Nan Lo: Head of a golf club. Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, October 13, 1992: US05154424 (54 worldwide citation)

A head of a golf club includes a hollow body which has a bottom side and a recess formed at the bottom side; an adhesive material; a weight received in the recess, the adhesive material provided in the recess and surrounding the weight for adhering and fixing the weight in the recess; a screw member ...

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In a golf club, the neck between the shaft and the head is strengthened by integrally forming the head and the shaft in a single mold so that the golf club is a one piece molded body. Alternatively, a separate shaft and head can be joined to one another and the joint formed therebetween is wrapped a ...

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A badminton racket frame comprising a ring frame, a throat, a shaft and a grip wherein said parts of the racket frame further comprising a layer made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics or fiber reinforced plastics having been soaked in a high polymer epoxy resin to form a prepreg sheet, and a solid ...

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A connector includes a pawl-like metal piece to be engaged with the axle or a rear wheel of a bicycle. The metal piece has two protrusions to be inserted in and connected to the joint ends of a plastic chain stay and a plastic seat stay, and a resin coated fabric material wrapped around each protrus ...

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A housing includes a pan shaped front cover having a front open wall with a rectangular peripheral flange formed around the front wall and a pan shaped rear cover having a closed end and an open end to connect with the rectangular flange. A plurality of engaging members are formed on the peripheral ...