Kt Liu, Tanh V Nguyen: Gas/liquid flow measurement using coriolis-based flow meters. Chevron Research Co, LU LIYING, August 30, 1989: CN88107262

It discloses a method for determining steam quality and mass flow rate, which adopts Coriolis type instrument. When the flow with known quality and flow rate flows over the instrument, the frequency type output and corner type output of the instrument can be adopted to work out a plurality of releva ...

Theodore T Tsotsis, Muhammad Sahimi, Babak Fayyaz Najafi, Aadesh Harale, Byoung Gi Park, Paul KT Liu: Hybrid adsorptive membrane reactor. University of Southern California, LG Petrochemical, Media and Process Technology, Hogan & Hartson, March 8, 2007: US20070053811-A1

A hybrid adsorbent-membrane reactor in which the chemical reaction, membrane separation, and product adsorption are coupled. Also disclosed are a dual-reactor apparatus and a process using the reactor or the apparatus.

Richard J Ciora JR, Paul KT Liu, Eric Cheponis: Transport membrane condenser using turbulence promoters. July 26, 2012: US20120186791-A1

An apparatus and method for enhancing the heat and water recovery from a transport membrane condenser (TMC) includes a non-moving mechanical device inserted into the TMC tubes to increase the heat transfer efficiency via the enhancement of the fluid turbulence and/or surface area. The apparatus and ...