Kruse Walter M: Tetraalkylchromium compounds and use as olefin polymerization catalysts. Hercules Incorporated, Rice Edith A, Dafter Jr Edwin H, April 1, 1975: US3875132 (19 worldwide citation)

A new class of organochromium compounds are described, namely, tetravalent chromium compounds having the formula Y.sub.4 Cr where Y is alkyl, cyclohexyl-substituted alkyl or phenyl-substituted alkyl. Typical compounds are tetra(neopentyl)chromium, tetra(cyclohexylmethyl)chromium and tetra(neophyl)ch ...

Kruse Walter M, Stephen John F: Process for the preparation of 2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-oxopiperidine.. Ici America, July 26, 1989: EP0325014-A1

2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-oxopiperidine is prepared from acetone and ammonia in the presence of catalytic amounts of active halogen compounds selected from sulfonylhalides, sulfurylhalides, N-haloamides, N-haloimides, beta -haloesters, alpha -haloketones, alpha -halohydroxy compounds, and beta -halonitr ...

Kruse Walter M: Procede (disomerisation enzymatique) produisant beaucoup de mannitol, High mannitol process (enzymatic isomerization). Spi Polyols, BALLANTYNE DONALD G, August 19, 1980: CA1083988

HIGH MANNITOL PROCESS(ENZYMATIC ISOMERIZATION) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Mannitol-rich aqueous solutions ofsorbitol and mannitol are prepared by a processwhich includes (1) epimerizing glucose inaqueous solution to obtain an epimerizatecontaining approximately 30 percent mannoseand 70 percent gluco ...

Kruse Walter M: Procede pour la preparation du mannitol a partir du glucose, Process for preparing mannitol from glucose. Ici United States, February 5, 1980: CA1071194

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREmannose is produced from a concentratedsolution of glucose or polymers of glucose in the presenceof a catalyst containing hexavalent molybdenum. Subsequenthydrogenation of the product in order to produce mannitolis also disclosed.

Kruse Walter M, Deberardins Albert J: Solutions riches en mannitol (hydrogenation en milieu alcalin de carbonate de metaux alcalins), High mannitol process (alkaline hydrogenation in presence of alkali metal carbonate). Spi Polyols, BALLANTYNE DONALD G, August 25, 1981: CA1107764

- 30 - HIGH MANNITOL PROCESS(ALKALINE HYDROGENATION IN PRESENCE OF ALKALI METAL CARBONATE) ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Sugar mixtures comprising glucose and either mannose,fructose, or both, are catalytically hydrogenated in aqueoussolution containing 0.2-1.5% by weight (based on sugar) ofsodium carb ...

Kruse Walter M, Stephen John F: Methode detherification pour les hexitols et les anhydrohexitols, Etherification process for hexitols and anhydrohexitols. Ici Americas, BALLANTYNE DONALD G, December 4, 1984: CA1178967

ABSTRACT A high yield process for the polyalkylation ofhexitols and hexitol inner ethers is presented wherein aqueousdispersions of monoalkali metal alkoxides thereof in organicsolvent are reacted with alkyl monohalides to first form themonoalkylated hexitols or hexitol inner ether and thereafterfur ...

Kruse Walter M, Wright Leon W: Fabrication dalcools polyhydroxyliques a laide de ru sur des supports dargile, Polyhydric alcohol production using ru on clay supports. Ici United States, February 20, 1979: CA1049047

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Process for the conversion of carbohydrates topolyhydric alcohols. Carbohydrates, such as glucose andcornstarch hydrolyzate, are converted to polyhydric alcoholsby hydrogenation at high pressure in the presence of a catalystcomprising ruthenium on a crystalline alumino-sil ...

Wright Leon W, Kruse Walter M: Production dalcools polyhydroxyliques a laide dun catalyseur de zeolithe au ruthenium, Polyhydric alcohol production using ruthenium zeolite catalyst. Ici United States, May 8, 1979: CA1054160

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE Process for the conversion ofcarbohydrates to polyhydric alcohols. Carbo-hydrates, such as corn starch hydrolyzate, glucose,and invert sugar, are converted to polyhydricalcohols by hydrogenation at high pressure inthe presence of a ruthenium-containing alumino-silicate zeo ...