Craig Allen
Krishna Venkataswamy, Craig Allen Chmielewski: Staged condensation, dynamic vulcanization process for making a substantially unplasticized plastic/rubber blend. Advanced Elastomer Systems, Alfred D Lobo, William A Skinner, December 21, 1999: US06005052 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention describes a staged process in which successive dynamic vulcanizations of plural curable rubber blend components are based on condensation reactions of a functional group (reactive site) carried by each curable rubber. The process is carried out in three stages during each of which gas ...

Krishna Venkataswamy: Thermoplastic elastomers having improved high temperature performance. Advanced Elastomer Systems, William A Skinner, November 12, 1996: US05574105 (20 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic elastomer comprising a triblend of engineering resin, dynamically vulcanized alloy of thermoplastic olefin polymer and elastomeric copolymer, and a compatibilizer for the engineering resin and alloy. The compositions retain structural integrity at high temperature, and have good tens ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Sabet Abdou Sabet, Raman Patel, Jacques Horrion: Co-cured rubber-thermoplastic elastomer compositions. Advanced Elastomer Systems, Daniel J Hudak, Laura F Shunk, William A Skinner, July 7, 1998: US05777033 (15 worldwide citation)

A thermoplastic elastomer composition has a plastic phase or matrix of an engineering thermoplastic such as a polyamide and a crosslinked phase of cured acrylic rubbers. The rubbers contain at least two functionalized acrylic rubbers wherein the functional group such as a carboxyl, an epoxy, or a hy ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Krishna Srinivasan, Li Ying Yang: Single ply reinforced roofing membrane. Building Materials Investment Corporation, Walter Katz, William J Davis, Marilyn J Maue, April 8, 2003: US06544909 (14 worldwide citation)

A single ply reinforced roofing membrane having advantageous tensile and seam strength comprising a reinforcement scrim sandwiched between polyolefin cap and base layers, characterized in that at least one of said layers includes a functional polyolefin as additive therein.

Krishna Venkataswamy, Richard Waack, Bruce E Novich, John W Halloran: Forming whisker reinforced sintered ceramics with polymerizable binder precursors. Ceramics Process Systems Corporation, December 18, 1990: US04978643 (10 worldwide citation)

A solution containing polymerizable monomers and volatile solvents can be used to disperse ceramic particles along with ceramic whiskers and remain pourable even with high solids. Using this dispersion, a high solids ceramic article can be molded, polymerized in situ and fired with a good binder bur ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Donald S T Wang: Thermoplastic elastomer compositions vulcanized with epoxidized oils. Advanced Elastomer Systems, Daniel J Hudak, William A Skinner, June 4, 1996: US05523350 (10 worldwide citation)

The thermoplastic elastomer compositions contain a continuous phase or matrix of an engineering thermoplastic such as ester polymer and a discontinuous phase of an acrylic rubber which is cured substantially by using epoxidized oils. The cured composition which can be dynamically vulcanized has good ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Tonson Abraham: Dynamic vulcanizates of engineering thermoplastic and acrylate rubber blends with dissimilar cure sites using a common curative. Advanced Elastomer Systems, Alfred D Lobo, William A Skinner, February 1, 2000: US06020431 (9 worldwide citation)

Dynamic vulcanizates of an engineering thermoplastic ("plastic"), e.g. a polyamide or polyester, with acrylate rubbers having dissimilar functional groups are prepared with a metal fatty acid salt in the absence of a conventional curative, provided the rubbers are molecularly intermixed. An acrylate ...

Louis Lynn Grube, George Manuel Adao, Krishna Venkataswamy: Roofing membrane. Building Materials Investment Corporation, Marilyn J Maue, William J Davis, Walter Katz, June 24, 2003: US06583202 (7 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a roofing or siding membrane comprising a non-woven mat coated with an asphaltic composition containing, in addition to 35-75 wt. % bitumen, a mixture of isotactic and amorphous propylene polymers and between about 0.08 and about 15 wt. % of a functionalized, olefin polymer ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Jacques Horrion: Thermoplastic elastomer triblend from an engineering thermoplastic, functionalized ethylene and or diene polymer, and brominated isobutylene p-methylstyrene copolymer. Advanced Elastomer Systems, William A Skinner, Samuel B Laferty, May 30, 2000: US06069202 (6 worldwide citation)

Desirable thermoplastic vulcanizates can be prepared from a polar engineering thermoplastic; a halogenated copolymer of p-alkylstyrene and an isomonoolefin having from 4 to 7 carbon atoms; and either an ethylene rubbery polymer or a diene based rubbery polymer or combinations thereof. The ethylene r ...

Krishna Venkataswamy, Angela Marie Person: Olefinic slip-coating for automotive weatherseals. Advanced Elastomer Systems, Alfred D Lobo, William A Skinner, April 9, 2002: US06368700 (6 worldwide citation)

A weatherseal or belt-line seal for a vehicle is formed by extrusion of an olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer or vulcanizate (first TPV) as an elongate body of arbitrary length and cross-section. The cross-section is adapted for use in a particular location in the opening of a structure to be prot ...