Fuchs Sybille, Price Samantha Jane, Hirsch Uwe Thomas Michael Hors, Kremer Veronique Marie Josephi: Digital tampon with uneven number of ribs. Procter & Gamble, June 20, 2001: EP1108408-A1 (30 worldwide citation)

This invention discloses digital tampons comprising a substantially cylindrical mass of compressed fibers, the tampons having a fibrous core substantially surrounding the central axis of the tampons and an uneven number of 7 or 9 ribs which extend radially outwards from the core.

Fuchs Sybille, Hirsch Uwe Thomas Michael Hors, Price Samantha Jane, Kremer Veronique Marie Josephi: Tampon having an oval form after expansion and process for producing the same. Procter & Gamble, June 20, 2001: EP1108407-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

Digital tampons are disclosed which are capable of radially expanding into a non-circular cross-sectional shape upon exposure to a wet environment, typically in use condition, so as to reduce bypass leakage. The inventions also relates to tampon blanks and a process of producing the tampons.