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A process for producing carbon fibers which comprises feeding an inert gas into a vertical furnace at about 500 to about 1,000.degree. C. and into a transverse furnace at about 800 to about 2,000.degree. C. connected thereto so that the inert gas flows from the transverse furnace toward the bottom o ...

Kozo Tanaka, Shinichi Seki: Surface mounting semiconductor device. Stanley Electric, Cermak Kenealy Vaidya & Nakajima, March 3, 2009: US07499288 (23 worldwide citation)

In accordance with one example of the disclosed subject matter, a semiconductor device can include the following features. A first lead frame can be provided that has one end configured to form a recess. An LED chip can be mounted on an inner bottom surface of the recess. A bonding wire has one end ...

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Disclosed is a polarizing film containing a base resin and a photodichroic material which is characterized in that (1) the uniaxial orientation coefficient (f) of the principal crystal axis which is a crystal axis parallel to the molecular chain of the base resin, with respect to the reference axis ...

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A process for producing hydrogen peroxide which comprises reacting hydrogen and oxygen in a reaction medium containing a halide of platinum group metal. The process is far simplified and the produced amount of hydrogen peroxide per the halide of platinum group metal is large.

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A method for injecting a pulverized fuel into a blast furnace uses a pulverulent fuel injecting burner which is protruded into a blow pipe through a wall thereof near the tuyere of a blast furnace. The burner injects a pulverized fuel into the blast furnace along with a hot blast of air at a tempera ...

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A carbon fiber, a process for production thereof, and composite materials prepared therewith are described, wherein the carbon fiber has a single yarn diameter of from 2 to 6 microns and showing a strand knot strength of 7 kilograms or more when formed into a strand of 0.4.+-.0.01 gram per meter, wh ...

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A light detector comprising a photo sensing chip having a light detecting surface, a cylindrical converging lens to collect incident light from different directions to a light detecting surface, at least one electrode connected to the photo sensing chip, a light detecting surface, and in a cross-sec ...

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In a method of controlling the pulverization and dryness of a flammable material such as coal, the system is provided with both a push blower upstream from the pulverizer and a pull blower downstream from the pulverizer. The system is controlled so as to maintain the pressure within the pulverizer a ...

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Disclosed is a process for producing an epoxidized product of olefins, which comprises oxidizing olefins in the presence of an oxidizing catalyst, using an alcohol medium solution of hydrogen peroxide produced by catalytically reacting hydrogen with oxygen in an alcohol medium.

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A digital set point circuit comprised of a plurality of resistors arranged in a bridge circuit with a condition sensor and switchably controlled to characterize the condition sensor to provide a substantially linear output from the bridge.