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A data processor has sixteen processing elements that each include a register file and an arithmetic logic unit. A network unit connects between the register files of the processing elements and the arithmetic logic units of the processing elements. The network unit has a selector for simultaneously ...

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A microprocessor comprises a calculation unit that (i) includes partial calculation units each operable to perform partial data calculation, and (ii) is operable to perform data calculation on N or less bits, where N is a total number of bits on which the partial calculation units are to perform dat ...

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A circuit group control system which receives from a master processor a first command sequence and a second command sequence each of which is composed of a plurality of commands, each command being to be executed by one of a plurality of circuits, and causes any available circuits to execute the com ...

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A pixel calculating device that performs vertical filtering on pixel data in order to reduce frame data in a vertical direction. The pixel calculating device includes a decoding unit

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A processor for sequentially executing a plurality of programs using a plurality of register value groups stored in a memory that correspond one-to-one with the programs. The processor includes a plurality of register groups; a select/switch unit operable to select one of the plurality of register g ...

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An integrated circuit for video/audio processing in which design resources obtained by development of video/audio devices can also be used for other types of video/audio devices. The integrated circuit includes a microcomputer that includes a CPU, a stream input/output for inputting/outputting a vid ...

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An information processing apparatus performs switching between an exception handler and normal processing. The information processing apparatus includes a processor a data processing unit that performs a particular processing upon receiving a processing request from the processor; an interrupt contr ...

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A foot shape information distributing system for distributing foot shape information including cross section data generated based on anatomical feature points of a foot. Eleven defined cross sections (A to K) are determined and stored. Server machine distributes foot shape information including the ...

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A pixel calculating device for performing vertical filtering that includes 16 pixel processing units 1 to 16 and an input buffer group

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A media processing apparatus is made up of an I/O processing unit for performing input/output processing which asynchronously occurs due to an external factor and a decode processing unit for performing decode processing mainly for decoding of data streams stored in a memory in parallel with the inp ...