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Disclosed is a method of controlling the supply of a clock signal to a logic circuit, especially, a logic circuit composed of C-MOS gates for further reducing the power consumption. According to the control method, a clock signal supply inhibit instruction is stored, so that, when this instruction i ...

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A pen type input device with a camera has improved usability as a result in improved construction of the device. The pen type input device with the camera is adapted for use in detecting both of a horizontally elongated object and a vertically elongated object. On the other hand, means for pointing ...

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In a device and system which perform processing, (displaying and outputting) of image data, the amount of data transferred between a memory holding the image data and a processor processing the image data is limited, thereby a great amount of data can be processed at high speed.

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A graphic processing system including a main memory for storing a program and information corresponding to pixels, a main processor for effecting an execution processing of a program transferred from the main memory or from an external device so as to control the system, display/output devices such ...

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A graphics system which accelerates generation of pixels including transparent objects by simply adding more rendering devices. The system has composition means and a plurality of rendering devices each comprising a geometric processor, a rendering processor and a frame memory that holds color, dept ...

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In order to reduce degradation of the processing performance of the data processor due to use of a part of the main memory as a display frame buffer, when an access request to the memory is generated from the CPU, the memory controller holds it once, requests the display controller to stop the acces ...

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Herein disclosed is a graphic processing apparatus which uses a CRT of raster scanning type. The graphic processing apparatus has functions to compare and judge whether or not within the range of a predetermined region thereby to effect the drawing operation, to compare drawing picture element data ...

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A graphic pattern processing apparatus using a raster scan type CRT is disclosed. The graphic pattern processing apparatus can update one-pixel data, translate a logical address to a physical address and transfer data in a display memory, at a high speed. The graphic pattern processing apparatus com ...

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A document or sentence processing apparatus having an input unit for inputting characters, a display unit for displaying input characters and a processing unit for converting and editing the input characters, in which the processing unit has a candidate word extraction unit which extracts candidates ...

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A character recognition apparatus for inferring the entire character string solely from a user-input handwritten keyword and displaying the inferred result as a candidate character string.